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In the Castro

One of my favorite neighborhoods in the City. There’s so much going on here especially at the Castro Theater. Going to see a movie here is more than just going to see a movie, its a cinematic adventure. Not only … Continue reading

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Fine Fences

Have you noticed that fences are going horizontal? I have and I like it. It could just be me but I feel horizontal fences convey a friendlier note of boundary delineation than vertical fences. There’s something new about them; something … Continue reading

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Time is Everything

I started this blog after I read a book about moms who blog. The book related stories about moms who had good jobs and then had kids and either couldn’t or didn’t want to return to their old jobs but … Continue reading

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Pretty Houses

Are everywhere in this beautiful city by the bay. As I move forward with creating this blog and taking pictures of houses I like, I’m struck by the colors and designs that attract me the most. As you, my dear … Continue reading

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Haight Street, USA

This gallery contains 17 photos.

World famous, Haight Street, is in my backyard. Well practically, a short bus rideĀ over the hill and I’m there. Unlike my neighborhood, homes in the Haight come straight out of the collective imaginations of everyone who thinks about what a … Continue reading

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Today the Sun is Shinning

Which is a great reminder that no matter how hard the wind blows and the rain comes down, the sun always, always comes out eventually. Yesterday was a tough day for me. I’m not sure why exactly but I just … Continue reading

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It’s Raining Outside

The sky is dark, the streets are wet and the end of 2012 is just around the corner. This is my least favorite time of year when all the worn out jingles are heard and frantic messages consumerism get shoved … Continue reading

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