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Feng Shui Crazy

I’ve been feng shui-ing my house like a crazy person turning their home upside down. The changes have been pretty minor in some of the rooms but big changes are happening in my office. Today, my new desk chair arrived. … Continue reading

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It’s What I Love to Do

Some people think I’m crazy because I love to move furniture.  I’m not talking about carrying heavy loads in and out of trucks or up and down flights of stairs. I’m talking about moving furniture that’s already inside a home … Continue reading


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Feng Shui Thinking

What is Feng Shui thinking? It’s rearranging the way we think about how we see the world so we can live healthier, happier and balanced lives. How much info do you stuff into your brain everyday? Do you ever give … Continue reading

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Can we talk?

Okay, you’re right, it’s me doing all the talking but you’re here, right? This isn’t just some kind of twilight zone I’m in, alone. We’re here together, maybe not right this second but soon, eventually. I’m in LA, Studio City … Continue reading

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SF Design Ideas is now

That is just one of them many changes that have been happening to me lately and though it’s not a very good excuse, it’s the best I can say to you about my recent absence from this blog. Another is, … Continue reading

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