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Once again I want to apologize for the interruption in posting. This time, it was a mechanical failure in hardware. Fortunately, I have a live-in IT expert who got me up and running again.

I would like to share with you today a variety of pictures I took in Arcadia, CA where I was staying with my sister. These primarily have to do with architecture.

2012-11-22 13.20.572012-11-22 13.20.25

This is Arcadia’s City Hall and what I really like about it is how understated the structure is. Unlike San Francisco’s City Hall, which was thought to become the State’s Capitol, Arcadia’s City Hall is less grand but no less visually appealing. The low construction and incorporation of a park reminds me of the designs from Frank Lloyd Wright. I’m far from an expert on Wright’s designs but I have seen a number of them and this calls to my mind some of his more nature infused work. By which, Wright intends to bring the outside in and is case, the inside out. Creating a civic structure that invites citizens and visitors to Arcadia to come inside City Hall and feel welcome.

2012-11-22 13.24.26

In the park adjacent to City Hall is a lovely gazebo where last summer I sat on the warm grass with a couple hundred other audience members happily entertained by a local Elvis impersonator. Gazebos are a great vehicle for staging all kinds of fun events and rituals.

2012-11-22 13.11.23

This is a house nearly completely obstructed from view by its garden. I love the way nature has taken over the home and created a sense of isolation and seclusion for the inhabitants, however, I’m not sure how much natural light is sacrificed on the inside by this garden.

Below is a picture of a tree whose trimming must have been inspired by the light fixture next to it. I never really paid much attention to the look of trees after they were trimmed until a good friend of mine pointed out how silly they often are afterwards. The wish to constantly control and shape our world and everything in it can at times make a mockery of us, as failed designers, and of nature, which may not need to be trimmed, shaped and controlled, especially if the finished effect is to replicate balloons.

2012-11-22 10.46.01

I know this is a short post. I’m trying to figure out how to move forward with this. Some of the questions popping up for me are: Should I just concentrate on one home at a time and explore all of its features or keep each post focused on a feature with multiple examples? I guess I’ll just keep going and see where we end up.

2012-11-22 12.59.27

Thank you again for reading my posts. Until tomorrow, I remain steadfast as your design detective,


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