Pretty Houses

Are everywhere in this beautiful city by the bay.


As I move forward with creating this blog and taking pictures of houses I like, I’m struck by the colors and designs that attract me the most.

2012-11-27 10.24.17

As you, my dear reader, has already figured out, I am attracted to bold colors. I don’t mind subtle colors but like a funky beat, I move to a visual palette that makes me jump.

2012-10-23 15.35.33

I also like smaller, cottages and craftsman houses. My house looks big on the outside but inside, its pretty modest. When I look at some of the huge homes here, I imagine what it must be like to have to clean them! I suppose if you can afford a big home, you can probably also afford to pay someone else to clean it so that really isn’t a problem for the folks who live in them. And being unemployed, I’m all for spreading the wealth around and creating jobs.

2012-12-05 16.35.59

An added benefit to living in a smaller home is having to interact with the other people who live in the home with you.

2012-12-05 16.17.24

My sister once owned a huge home with her second husband in Pasadena, Calif. It was a old craftsman with beautiful, dark wood floors, grand staircase, built-in shelves and lots of bedrooms for the four kids who lived with them.

2012-12-05 15.53.56

The crazy thing about that house was that no matter how many people were inside, it always seemed empty. Granted, that has a lot to do with what the inhabitants were doing at the time, but frequently, I would go inside, knowing everyone who lived there was home, and yet, no one was around. The house was full and empty because everyone was in their bedroom, watching TV or working on their computer and I was downstairs alone. It was really weird and I have to say, I didn’t like it. And I doubt the family living there did either. In my mind, families need a place where everyone can be together, not just for dinner, but watching TV, cooking, playing games and interacting. I’m a strong believer in not giving kids their own televisions and computers should be in common places where the content their viewing can be seen by anyone. Until a child has moved away from home, or is in college, they still need parental guidance, even if they don’t want it. Kids don’t get to make the rules in a family. I have strong opinions on the subject and this isn’t exactly the right forum for them but it’s all about being together under one roof and that’s what matters to me and is partly why I created this blog.

2012-10-23 15.02.16

I don’t blame the house for my sister’s eventual divorce, but I’m sure it didn’t help the marriage either. Houses have a power over us that can heal us or make us sick; they can foster good times and relationships or they can create a bad environment that can be fatal.

2012-12-06 16.59.29

Imagine you’re a potted plant, what sort of container would you want to live in? Something too small will stunt your growth, force you to expose your roots, for you to seek more space, more food, more shelter so you can thrive and grow.

2012-12-06 17.14.28

Imagine if that container were in a warm sunny place where you received a full dose of sunshine everyday. Now imagine your container in a dark, dusty, drafty environment. Too much water? Rotting roots. Not enough water; starvation. Too much sun, you’re going to burn, not enough, you’re going to wither.

2012-12-06 17.09.48

We are, after all, a lot like plants but unlike plants, we have choices we can make to help us grow.

That’s all for now. I hope you have a satisfying Saturday night and until tomorrow, I remain your design detective,


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2 Responses to Pretty Houses

  1. steve reimers says:

    …Next, ‘Too Much’ Xmas Homes?

  2. summer233 says:

    I really love the colourful houses,blue, pink, green whatever but just not grey!

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